➜ (BB) From anywhere to anywhere in Budapest

From anywhere to anywhere in Budapest

9900.- HUF/ minibus
price is not included the VAT


  • VIP transfers! The transfer is only for you, your family and your guests; you do not have to share it with other travellers.The total price of the transfer is calculated per minibus, not per person, for any transfer in Budapest, for maximum 8 persons.This offer is not valid for the Airport Transfers!

Other fees:

The waiting time of the minibus or the car:

  • When renting a minibus every started hour costs 6000 HUF /hour
  • Additional waiting time 1000 HUF / 10 minutes
  • Collecting transfer (collecting the travellers from different addresses) 2000 HUF /address
  • Upon request, using the highway M0 : 2500 HUF
  • VIP plus (Luxury cars, Mercedes etc.): +30% of the given price
  • Carrying bicycle: 2000 HUF / bicycle
  • No additional fee for small dogs or cats in cage
  • No additional fee for guide dogs
  • Additional fee for pets (large dog, cat): 2000 HUF
  • The inside disinfection of the car : 15000 HUF

  * There is 10 minutes waiting time calculated in the transfer prices, any additional time would be added to the final price
** The car of your choice, with exclusive English speaking driver, dressed according to an elegant dress code